Friday, 11 April 2014

Hatshepsut Project Blog - Resurrection in 2014?

I am looking at the possibility of resurrecting this blog after a long period of inactivity.

Our Facebook Group is proving to be a really good way of getting large numbers of people together, but for presentation purposes, it lacks in all areas. We have had some really fruitful discussions, which have been lost in time owing to Facebook's limitations. The FB group will remain for the long-term.

The first thing i would need to do is to have a tidy up of older blog posts. Some links are now dead and in some areas my own knowledge and resource pool have grown. Some of the photos also need replacing and i will look at using the Hatshepsut Projects own photos which are currently being stored on FB as a possibility.

For a while now i have been looking at the possibility of creating a website for the Hatshepsut Project. Whilst it may be a possibility in the long term- it is not a necessity now. Time might better be used in completing some of my older projects, such as the "Osiride Head Project" which i began back in 2011.

Stuart Tyler.